Location and travel

Click here to open large version of this map (in a new window),
with directions from Calais (A) to the Domaine de Loustalviel (B)


By Air: Carcassonne is our nearest airport, about a 40 minutes drive from the Domaine. Toulouse is just under an hour.Whichever airport you choose, you’ll need to rent a car; for directions from Toulouse, Carcassonne and other regional airports which you can download as a pdf and print out click here.

You might also consider flying into Montpellier (2 hours), or Nîmes (just over 2 hours), Perpignan (just under 2 hours), or even Bordeaux, Girona or Barcelona.

Here are the routes our visitors most frequently use:

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Airline Links
Belfast Toulouse www.jet2.com
Birmingham Perpignan www.ryanair.com
Toulouse www.flybe.com
Bournemouth Carcassonne(from 6/6/09) www.ryanair.com
Bristol Toulouse www.easyjet.com
Brussels (Charleroi) Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
Cork Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
Dublin Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
Toulouse www.aerlingus.com
East Midlands Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
Edinburgh Toulouse www.jet2.com
Carcassonne(from 31/3/09) www.ryanair.com
Leeds-Bradford Toulouse www.jet2.com
Liverpool Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
London (Gatwick) Toulouse www.easyjet.com
Montpellier www.easyjet.com
London (Heathrow) Toulouse www.ba.com
London (Stansted) Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
Montpellier www.ryanair.com
Perpignan www.ryanair.com
Manchester Perpignan www.bmibaby.com
Shannon, Carcassonne www.ryanair.com
By Road: Use the map at the top of the page to find your preferred route; it’s pre-set to take you the fastest and easiest way from Calais, but you can change this.The journey from Calais is about 1,000 kilometres of autoroutes, plus 30 kilometres of country roads. You set the cruise control and go to sleep! If you really go for it, you can do it in under 9 hours (plus stops). If you take it easy, it’s nearer 10 hours..

If you want to make it a two-day journey, we strongly recommend a B&B just two minutes off the A10 Autoroute at Celon, almost exactly half-way between Calais and the Domaine. Le Canard au Parapluie Rouge is run by a delightful Anglo-American couple who offer a really warm welcome, a first class dinner and an excellent French breakfast.  Click here to go to their website.


Please note that most SatNavs and computerised route-finding programmes will take you to Pech Luna, but that’s not where you want to go!  If you set your SatNav to Latitude 43.213918, Longitude 1.823881, it should work. Otherwise, click here to find out how to avoid  Pech Luna, or how to escape when you do accidentally get there. We do strongly recommend that you print out this page and take it with you.
By Rail If you’re willing to get up at crack of dawn, and prepared to make the cross-Paris connection from the Gare du Nord to Montparnasse or Paris Austerlitz, then this relaxed, carbon-neutral journey can be competitive on price with the cheap airlines. You can book on-line by clicking here.